Exhibition of Ekaterina Popushoi "Fragments of Reality" in the Moscow Union of Artists

21 november 2018

From 10 - 15 December 2018 in the Moscow Union of Artists will open the anniversary exhibition of Ekaterina Popushoi "Fragments of Reality".
The exhibition will feature paintings by the author. The main theme of the paintings is the urban landscape, industrial motifs. Houses, bridges, courtyards, arches, various architectural variations that build their own spaces of reality, the variety of forms and their compositional solutions, the interweaving of planes and faces, the contrasts of one over the other.
Industrial motives, by themselves, make it possible to see the geometrical, structural, structure. They have their own facets, characteristic rhythm and compositional reading. From intersections and faces, an individual dynamics is born, which can both unfold in terms of composition and immerse into itself, creating its own space of reality.
The project “Fragments of reality” is a general idea of ​​visualization, from image to spot and back, through the prism of forms and objects, in terms of geometry.
Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists.
Address: Moscow, Starosadsky lane, 5, metro station "Kitay-gorod".
Hall Hours: Mon-Sat.12: 00-18: 00