Artist Ekaterina Popushoy

She was born in 1983.
1994-1998 Vyatka Art Lyceum.
1998-2003 Vyatskoe art school A.A. Rylova. She graduated with honors from the Painting Department. Curator diploma, professor of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, Ardimasov O.I.
Member of city exhibitions during the training period.
In 2004 he entered the Academy of Painting at the University of Natalia Nesterova, workshops A.V. Kuznetsova, V.A. Kulakov, S.A. Alimov. 
She participated in exhibitions of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Diplomas and awards:
Scholar of the Russian Federation.
Diploma of the Moscow Union of Artists "for the best work of the 31th Youth Exhibition "parallel process", signed by the Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Union of Artists Glukhov V.A.
Diploma and third prize for the exhibition-contest "The muralist 2011", "For a decorative design the composition of the building project", signed by the Chairman of the Board "Section artists of monumental and decorative art" Bubnov V.A.
Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Charitable Fund "L&K", "For the creative activity and high professional achievements in art", signed by Russian Minister of Culture Мedinskiy V.R. and President of the Foundation "L&K" Larionova V.A.
Gratitude of the Representative Office of the Federal Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany The Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin for participation in the exhibition "Multifaceted Russia" signed by the head of Ksenofontov O.J.
Diploma of Creative Union of Artists of Russia on the basis of the exhibition project "collective conscious. Dialogues with the classics ", signed by the President of the Artists Union of Russia K.V. Khudyakov.
She was awarded the Silver Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia "For Contribution to the National Fine Arts", signed by the President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia Khudyakov K.V.
She is a participant of more than one hundred exhibitions in Russia and abroad, reflecting in his works the image of modern Russia, her works were represented in the representations of the Russian Federation in London, Berlin and Prague. Exhibited in Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Serbia and China.
The book is illustrated by Ekaterina Popushoy, entitled "youth's Syndrome", the writer Felix Shvedovskii, was presented at the book fair «London Book Fair 2013".